Hope Centre Construction Update

Since January we have completed the second dormitory of the Hope Centre Children’s Home in Nyangusu/Kilgoris, Kenya as well as began Phase 3 of the Hope Centre Project which is the building of the Dining Hall. We have decided to call this “Memorial Hall” in honor of so many men & women of God who greatly influenced the nations, especially children in the nations of the world.

Special thanks goes to AEGA Ministries, Monroe, Louisiana (the fellowship Pam and I are ordained with) for blessing us with enough money to erect a tabernacle structure. We chose this method of raising the roof first due to the high construction costs in Kenya due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We have currently reached a stand still on our construction of the Hope Centre Dining Hall. Our next project will be to dig out the dirt from the inside before building the walls and pouring the cement floor. Current estimates are that it will take $20,000 more to finish the Dining Hall (this is due to construction costs exploding). If you would like to give toward Phase 3 of the Hope Centre construction, go to our online giving portal http://revivalnow.org/give, click the drop down menu and designate your gift to the “Amelia Kennedy Memorial Building Fund”. Thank you for giving what God puts in your heart to give. All gifts are tax deductible.

Here’s a few pics to show where we are at the present….

David Copeland

Hope Centre Children's Home is located in the SW Kenya village of Nyangusu, just north of Kilgoris Town. It is currently home to children who have been left orphaned by sickness, disease and poverty. Hope Centre is affiliated with Kenya's Kids, an extension of the Kenya Assemblies of God under the direction of Bishop Jackson Mongaine and the Transmara Assemblies of God District Council

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